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See Brian's 2 year Report on COFM at the bottom of this page

Text Box: Chariots of Fire Ministries Brief 
The last 2 years with COFM
Wayne Anderson, founder and Brian Sonneman co-founder launched COFM at Kununurra on the 11/11/2011 at 11.11 am. We greatly appreciate the assistance and help that was freely given by Bruce and Teri Connell from Kings Church in Kununurra. We started at the Kings church then drove out to the new kings Park site for the launch, this was attend with around 30 people and then we when back to Kununurra for Lunch. We were approached by Andy from Kings church and he told us that Shirley Brown wanted help with her community (Mulan) to install Vision Radio to help with suicided in the community. We approached Vision Radio and asked if they could help us, they agreed and supplied the system to us for $1,000.00 normally they can cost up to $5,000.00, we felt blessed and set up a time to travel to Mulan. We raised funds with support from Kings Church, Geraldton Suncity Christian Church, Ron Manning and Geraldton Satellite & Wireless Services. We arrive on the17 of July 2012 to install Vision Radio, Shirley and I found in the store that he had a Pye radio for sale so we purchase this to test Vision Radio the store owner said that he had another 12 Pye radios for sale, we found out later he sold all 12 Pye Radios and 2 homes with God TV satellite systems. Elder Betsy and Shirley Browns home where given God TV and over the time we were at the Mulan we held meetings and took small Bibles that had been donated by Ray from Gliddenís , my Shirley and I spent 2 days in Mulan and felt bless that we could help the Community of Mulan. A few weeks later I rang Shirley Brown and she told me that the community where getting together and have meals together and wanted to no more about Jesus. Terri and Bruce had been in contact with Mulan and the community over the next 5 months and then I get an email from Terri that people about 12 to 20 wanted to be water baptised in Mulan as Betsy and Shirley brown where water baptised in Kununurra. I had a job for Telstra to fix a Satellite system at Mt Elizabeth. Greg Gannon (our funds manager) and I travel to the site on the 15 January 2013, fixed the Telstra site then on the 16th we flew to Halls Creek to pick up Terri and Wendy, we continued to Mulan. After we arrive we were greeted by Betsy and her family. We set up in an open hall in Mulan and Terri started to tell them about the Gospel and what they needed to believe in before they were baptised, Joseph and Jenson wanted to groomed to be pastor of their new Church called Holly fire Desert Church. We were hoping to go to Lake Gregory but when we add the group up we had 32 people that wanted to be baptised and born again, this was too many to travel to the lake. So we found an old chest freezer but as we were filling it up we saw water leaking from the bottom, so all we had was a hose and that worked well. As we were ready to leave Mulan some thunder storms where building up, but with the grace of God we had a clear path back to Halls Creek. Our next Community was Noonkanbah, Lucy from Kununurra has a son in Noonkanbah and this community is also Lucy Community. Wayne and I did a interview with Vision Radio in Brisbane and a lady here about the community that we wanted to go to, and we then found out later that she and her husband did spent a few years in Noonkanbah, so she donated the funds to install the Vision Radio in Noonkanbah. I hear form Terri that more people in Mulan wanted to be baptised and we had plan to pick up Bruce and Terri after Noonkanbah but unfortunately the dates did not work for Bruce and Terri. I  was given a contact Keith Russell in Port Hedland as I needed help from Keith on another project for CASA. Keith was closing down his Flying business in Port Hedland. We talked and Keith wanted to join us in going to Noonkanbah, this was great so we hired his Chieftain Twin engine plane. Keith Greg and I flew to Noonkanbah on the 3 of September to install Vision Radio and God TV in Lucyís son Malcolm house and one elder in the community, Keith was happy to learn how the system where set up and installed, we believe that Keith will also do some installs for COFM based in Port Hedland. Janice a lady from Noonkanbah was excited to see and hear God TV channels on TV that they asked if we could install more, but I had to say no has we didnít have the funds to help her. We were back at our units and Janice came around and gave us a list of 29 people that wanted God TV and she said they are prepared to pay for them , so now we are just waiting on the funds to come in and then we will go back and install the 29 God TVs systems and then back to Mulan to Baptise more people in the community of Mulan. We have sites at Port Hedland and Nullagine that Keith is looking into and I am looking at Jiggalong remote indigenous community, we hope to beat the above sites and with funding in the next month or too.
Message from Brian
God has put the verse off the prodigal son on my heart in Kununurra while we visited the Park and the Indigenous people that were also lost and need to fine the unconditional Love that God has to offer his children when they have servants like Bruce, Terri, Keith, Greg, Wayne and myself that will do as much as we can with the funding we get to enable us to go to ever remote Indigenous Community in W.A. I personal will do this until I donít have the strength to do Gods will.
Then on the 10th of December 2012 I had a chance to co-pilot a Pilatus PC 12 VH OOI from Mandurah to Adelaide, then on the 11th  we left Adelaide for Sydney where Wayne was waiting for me. After arriving I spent time in Sydney with Wayne then we drove up to Brisbane. We also attend Hillsong this year with Greg & Sue Gannon, Wayne and Bob and Shirley and myself.
Thank you for reading this short Brief and please look at our home page www.chariotsoffireministries.com.au  for further information on the Communities that we will travel to, they will be posted before and after the installation of Vision Radio and God TV
Many Thanks

Now What the new year may bring in 2015
We are believing for a mission to Jiggalong and then on to Nullagine, when will go to site to install vision Radio and God TV into 2 home in each community. Also tell then about the Gospel and hand our material that has been donated by  Rose Dee, (thanks Rose) . Then we will head back to Noonkanbah and Mulan. At Noonkanbah we are still waiting for the funds to come in from the homes , that will allow us to install 29 God TV satellite system. Then back to do a service in Mulan at there new formed Church called Holy Desert Fire Church and catch up with our new friends. Then we will wait on the Lord to give us more missions for 2015. Thanks be to God.
Wayne Knapman will be coming over with a cameraman and then we will be heading off to Mulan and Noonkanbah to do a documentary on how the Communities have turn around and in Mulan there has been no suicides  since Vision Radio and God TV has been Running. This Media is running 24/7 and we believe that the Indigenous people like to watch and listen to what is happing around the world. This will then be air on God TV channel  and COFM will be going international.  We will confirm a date as soon as we can.

Wayne's Message for COFM plus visit to Melbourne Last page

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Steve Grace visited our church Sun City Christian Centre on Sunday the 19th October 2015. Steve talked about a dream and vision to ride a Harley Davison across Australia from Shark Bay in W.A. to Bryon Bay in Queensland. This is also Wayne and Brian's dream to install GOD TV and Vision Radio. Now we are looking at putting this plan together and to cross Australia from West to East and kick of the great south Land Revival. It has been over 2 years since we installed Vision Radio and God TV in Mulan and there has been NO suicides in Mulan since. We are believing that this Media will also help other Communities as we cross the Great South Land Of the Holy Spirit and Steve Grace Ministry singing to remote indigenous Communities. We are looking at September 2016 and if you wish to help stop suicides in remote communities please contact me Brian on† cofm@bigpond.com

WE are also hoping the Cross below will be opening or installed when we cross

Australia. Chariots of Fire ministries are ready, just waiting on confirmation with Steve